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Shipping Information

Approximate U.S. Shipping Times

Location Business Days Location Business days
Alabama 7-9 Days Missouri 7-9 Days
Alaska 2-3 Days (expedited) Montana 2-3 Days
Arizona 4-5 Days Nebraska 5-7 Days
Arkansas 7-9 Days Nevada 4-5 Days
California 4-5 Days New Hampshire 9-12 Days
Colorado 4-5 Days New Jersey 9-12 Days
Connecticut 9-12 Days New Mexico 7-9 Days
Delaware 9-12 Days New York 9-12 Days
District of Columbia 9-12 Days North Carolina 9-12 Days
Florida 9-12 Days North Dakota 9-12 Days
Georgia 7-9 Days Ohio 7-9 Days
Hawaii 2-3 Days (expedited) Oklahoma 5-7 Days
Idaho 2-3 Days Oregon 2-3 Days
Illinois 5-7 Days Pennsylvania 9-12 Days
Indiana 7-9 Days Rhode Island 9-12 Days
Iowa 5-7 Days South Carolina 7-9 Days
Kansas 5-7 Days South Dakota 5-7 Days
Kentucky 7-9 Days Tennessee 7-9 Days
Louisiana 7-9 Days Texas 7-9 Days
Maine 9-12 Days Utah 4-5 Days
Maryland 9-12 Days Vermont 7-9 Days
Massachusetts 9-12 Days Virginia 9-12 Days
Michigan 7-9 Days Washington 2-3 Days
Minnesota 5-7 Days West Virginia 9-12 Days
Mississippi 7-9 Days Wisconsin 5-7 Days
Wyoming 4-5 Days

Approximate Canadian Shipping Times

Location Business Days
British Columbia 2-3 Days
Alberta 2-3 Days
Saskatchewan 4-5 Days
Manitoba 4-5 Days
Ontario 5-7 Days
Quebec 7-9 Days
Newfoundland 7-9 Days
Nova Scotia 7-9 Days
New Brunswick 7-9 Days
Prince Edward Island 9-12 Days
Northwest Territories 2-3 Days (expedited)
Nunavut 2-3 Days (expedited)
Yukon 2-3 Days (expedited)

Why Buy Canadian?

There are many reasons to buy from a Canadian company especially when you reside in Canada. Let the expertise of our staff help save you money! Here are a few major reasons to buy Canadian:

1.) No hidden Fees
2.) Shipment directly to your doorstep, not a freight forwarder or PO Box.
3.) Save money on shipping costs, duties and taxes incurred at the border
4.) No need to worry about fluctuating exchange rates
5.) U.S. Based companies often do not ship into Canada – or do so at high costs

In the automotive industry, particularly wheels and tires, performance products are often manufactured overseas. American based companies will often outsource manufacturing to European countries, and recently Asian countries, including manufacturing powerhouse, China. When purchasing these products from U.S. based companies, Canada customs will impose duties and taxes on these goods just as if you went shopping in the U.S.

Customs, Duties and Taxes can be anywhere from 20-35% of the purchase price.

In addition to these charges, UPS, FedEx or whichever freight company is handling your shipment will charge a “handling fee” in order to clear your package across customs. This fee can vary from 5-20%.

What this means is that if you purchase a set of wheels and tires for a “final price” of $3000.00 you could be surprised with a bill of $900 (30% of $3000) when your new wheels arrive at your door from your shipping company.

Order from Eurotuned Automotive, a proudly Canadian-based company, and avoid unexpected customs or duty charges. Our Canadian prices include all possible fees. Select your item, Calculate your shipping and you will have a Final Price – Right to your door.

Why are Canadian Prices Higher even though the Canadian and U.S. Dollar are at Par?

Despite the dollar parity with our U.S. counterparts, Canadian prices remain slightly higher than U.S. pricing simply because most aftermarket companies are based out of the U.S. These U.S. parts must cross our border at some point in order to reach you – the final consumer. When purchasing from a U.S. Company, duties, custom charges and taxes are charged on your purchase price. You are then paying these added fees on your goods, after they have been marked up by the company you purchased from. Eurotuned Automotive is experienced in the automotive field. We import large quantities of automotive parts, often directly from the manufacturers in order to save on shipping, custom charges, duties and tax costs. We pay all custom charges, duties and taxes on our costs, which then reduces the total costs of the goods. These savings are then passed onto you – the final customer.

U.S. Advertised prices may be low but shipping charges, duties and taxes will often make parts end up more expensive! Let our knowledgeable staff make ordering automotive parts convenient for you.

Select your part. Receive your shipping quote. Final Price. No surprises.




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